Social Media Marketing

We have the expertise and resources to help your business bolster its marketing efforts, which include e-commerce solutions that allow you to sell your products and services online.

Whether you are monetizing your hobby extending the reach of your brick and mortar business, IT MARTX makes it safe and easy for your customers to make purchases from your website. You’ll be able to drive your sales even when the doors to your shop close.

Do you want to keep your brand active on social media ? Need to have the brand engaging with current / potential customers ? Talk to us.

- Content Planning

- Social Media Listening & Monitoring

- Content Design & Creation

- Customer Engagement Planning 

- Updating & Maintaining Social Media Accounts

- Social Media Advertising


Social Media Channels

Currently IT MARTX team focuses on the following social media channels :

- Facebook

- Instagram

- You Tube

- LinkedIn

- WhatsApp

Let our experts build a site that both you and your customers will love.

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